PRHousesitters 16490




main picYou find you need to go away, it may be on holiday, business or it could be a family emergency and you are not sure what to do with your adorable pet/s. You would rather they remain in comfort and without disruption within their home environment, awaiting your return home, or you just simply don’t wish to leave your home unoccupied. These are some of the most frequent reasons why people are searching for the right person/couple for their home….look no further, you have found the solution – PRHousesitters16490.

What we will do during your absence:

  • Security – home occupancy is the best deterrent against burglars, to check everything is as it should be – doors/windows secure, alarms function, home looks/is occupied
  • Look after and care for your pet/s; feeding, cleaning, medical, exercise, provide physical and emotional affection and play with them, walk them and carry out any other specific requests you may have
  • Take care of plants. These could be indoor and outdoor, as well as general garden maintenance
  • Maintenance of swimming pool
  • Collect your mail from postbox
  • Take any calls and/or messages during your absence
  • Keep you informed re pets welfare/housesit progressing as it should –this will be either by telephone or internet (should you require this)
  • Maintain and clean your home daily – light household duties (no fees involved). For anything heavier, we may have to charge a small fee

03We are also available for other services, such as laundry, estate keeping, chauffeur, airport runs, overseeing of other staff, child minding or even standing in for you in case of emergencies ( we are retired professionals with many interpersonal/transferable skills). If you have a specific query, or are in doubt about a particular role, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss any queries with you.

Our goal is that housesitting becomes a mutually beneficial and enjoyable experience, bringing happiness and satisfaction to both parties. We feel the most important aspect is that we can offer you ‘ peace of mind’.

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